2019 Four-Way Test Award ceremony

Dan Emrie took these photos on May 23, 2019.  They show Four-Way Test Award winner Brandi O'Reilly, nominator Abby Akin (center), and Committee Chair Bob Hammerschmidt.

As all Rotarians know, we encourage high ethical standards in all professions and foster the ideal of service in all aspects of our lives.  We see these values well-articulated in “The Object of Rotary”, as well as our motto, “Service Above Self,” and, of course, “The Four-Way Test,” which we recite at each meeting.

The Springfield Southeast Rotary Club’s Four-way Test Committee chose to present the 2019 Four-Way Test Award to Brandi O’Reilly, founder and board president of Dynamic Strides Therapy, for demonstrating the fundamental ideals of Rotary through high ethical business standards and service to others in her professional, community and personal life.

Dynamic Strides Therapy lets children with special needs experience the therapeutic benefits of equine movement, a unique sensory gym and the compassionate support of skilled, certified therapists.

Nominator Abby Akin states in the nomination form, “Brandi volunteers full time without pay. She puts the needs of these kids above everything else.  Brandi chose to put her own time, money and work into this place because she saw kids who were not able to get help they   needed . . . and felt it was unfair.”

The thing that really impressed us about Dynamic Strides is that it takes people in order, without regard of ability to pay.  With a waiting list of more than 120 kids, she could easily fill the slots with private pay or Medicaid patients but made the conscious decision to take everyone.

The Four-Way Test Committee is chaired by Bob Hammerschmidt.  The other committee members are Bonnie Keller, Dan Emrie, Danny Correll and Vocational Lane Director Lisa Odom.


Legacy member

Springfield Southeast Rotarians Dan Emrie, Deryk Morelock, Wayne Morelock, and President Bill Squires celebrate Deryk's introduction into the club on Feb. 28, 2019.  Dan sponsored Wayne as a new club member in 1988 and co-sponsored Deryk, Wayne's son, in 2019.

Olympic medalist

Carmelita Jeter, an American sprinter who won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at the Olympic Games in London in 2012, spoke at our club meeting on Feb. 28, 2019.  Afterwards, she stuck around for photos with club members and guests. (Photos by Dan Emrie)