Kathryn Custer

Custer kathryn
Bill Squires introduced Kathryn on Jan. 3.  Her co-sponsor is Rusty Worley.

Kathryn is the chief executive officer of the Ozarks Regional YMCA, which includes  two locations in Springfield and branches in surrounding cities.  She started her YMCA career in 2003 in Atlanta and has moved around the United States with the YMCA.   Her husband, Jason, is from Springfield and they moved here, along with their two sons, in 2017.

Kathryn earned a Bachelor of Science from Kennesaw State University in Georgia.  She is also a member of Junior League of Springfield.

Donny Mihalevich

Mihalevich donald
Sam Hamra introduced Donny on Dec. 13.  His co-sponsor is Brent Dunn.

Donny has lived in the Springfield area since 1970.  His uncle is a member of Springfield (Downtown) Rotary Club.

He is owner and chief executive officer of Paladin Managed Solutions, a Konica Minolta and Hewlett Packard dealership that he founded in 2016.   He is also a consultant for a large financial institution.

Before founding Paladin, Donny was owner and CEO of Luminozity, a company that provides software and hardware to the banking industry.   During 20 years in the IT industry, Donny has also been chief technology officer for Standleys System of Oklahoma City, a senior digital solution specialist and sales manager for Ricoh Corporation of Springfield, a senior engineer for Springnet at City Utilities of Springfield, and a senior engineer for Corporate Business Systems of Springfield.

From 1987 to 2007, Donny was a captain, headquarters commander and helicopter pilot in the U.S. Army National Guard and Missouri Army National Guard.  He had deployments to Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan from November 2005 to November  2006.   He attended several Army courses, including Air Assault School and Military Police Officer Course.  He was awarded an Air Medal and a Meritorious Service Medal.

Donny earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology, with a minor in Chemistry and Military Science, at Southwest Missouri State University in 1997 and hopes to finish a master's degree in Business Administration from Missouri State University in 2019.  He graduated in 1987 from Greenwood High School, where he was a receiver on its successful football team with quarterback Alan Rosen, a member of Springfield Southeast Rotary Club, and linebacker Mike Hamra, Sam's son.

He is married to  Winnie and they have one son, Mason, 15.

Michael Craft

Craft michael new rotary member
Michael joined our club on Aug. 23.  His sponsors are Marc Mayer and Brent Baldwin.

Michael has worked for Wil Fischer Distributing for 13 years.  He is an Off Premise Key Account Manager.  He also served 14 years in the Missouri National Guard.

Michael grew up in St. James, where he attended John F. Hodge High School.  He then attended Southwest Missouri State University (now MSU).

Michael's wife, Kathryn, works for City Utilities of Springfield.  They live in Rogersville and have two sons: Al, a high school junior, and Eli, a sixth grader.

Michael's hobbies are golf, hunting, fishing and watching his boys play ball.

Charles Maurer

Maurer charles new rotary member
Dr. Charles Maurer rejoined our club on Aug.  16.  His sponsor is Troy Kennedy and his co-sponsor is Gary Leonard.

Charles has been a chiropractor in Springfield for 26 years.  He started with Family Back and Neck Care Centre in August 1992 as an associate doctor and bought the practice three years later.

Charlie is a past board member at The Victim Center, visiting doctor at The Kitchen, and fundraiser for many organizations in Springfield through offering free care in his office for donations to different charities.  He appreciates the opportunity to give back to those who live in and cherish Springfield.

Charles and Cindi celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary in 2018.  Cindi is a registered nurse and has worked for the last 30 years to help put Charlie through college and support the family.

Charlie and Cindi started their family while he was still in college.  Their oldest, Stephanie, is an account executive for VML and lives in Kansas City with her husband, Mike.   Their son, Matthew, is a chiropractor who joined Charlie in practice in 2016; he and his wife, Alex, have two children.   Charlie’s youngest, Jessica, is in her third year at the Mizzou medical school and her husband, John, is studying for his PhD in psychology.

Elizabeth Brooks

Elizabeth brooks
Elizabeth was introduced on August 9.  She is sponsored by Barbara Lucks and Steve Benton.

Elizabeth is the founder, owner and operator of Springfield Riding Club. She is a Springfield native, a Drury and MSU alum, a 4th generation farmer, and now is a 2nd generation Rotarian.

Elizabeth has worked for and trained with Olympic equestrians in six different countries abroad and across the US.  On the rare occasion that she finds herself with a little free time, Elizabeth enjoys good conversation with friends and new adventures.