Springfield Southeast Endowment fund

In May 2016, the Rotary Club of Springfield Southeast established The Rotary Club of Springfield Southeast Endowment, Inc.   It's a separate 501(c)(3) entity with a Board comprised of nine members to aid, secure, enhance, and expand our charitable giving.

The Southeast Endowment generates funds in perpetuity to address issues in Springfield and the surrounding community, including poverty, children, child abuse, housing, hunger, health, hygiene, education, and safety, plus Rotary's six areas of focus.

The Endowment accepts cash donations and also established the Sam and June Hamra Heritage Society for the purpose of accepting planned giving gifts, including insurance gifts, annuities, and bequests from wills or trusts.  You can also ask loved ones to designate the Rotary club of Springfield Southeast Endowment, Inc., as the recipient of memorials. The Hamras pledged $100,000 from their estate to this Heritage Society.

The Rotary Club of Springfield Southeast Endowment, Inc. is a way to permanently secure our charitable giving and service to Springfield and the surrounding community and to individuals in need.  This is truly an important part of Rotary Club of Springfield Southeast and lets us positively influence people's lives, especially in our community and region.

Donations may be sent to the office of the Rotary Club of Springfield Southeast, 4730 S. National Ave., Bldg. A1, Springfield, MO 65810.

Designated Funds: Donations also may be made to particular authorized projects, and the funds will be used as specified.

There are many ways to give to the Endowment
  • Cash pledges or contributions
  • Gifts by bequest
  • Gifts through life insurance
  • Gifts through charitable remainder trusts
  • Gifts through charitable gift annuities
  • Gifts through charitable lead trusts
  • Stock donations
  • Tax-free rollover of qualified plans
  • Memorial and commemorative gifts

To contact us, email: or phone: 417-886-8606