What Rotary means to members of the club

Club member Jacob Neimeyer, owner of Baseline Media in Ozark, made this video with the thoughts of some members of Springfield Southeast Rotary Club.
What Rotary means to members of the club

Springfield Southeast Endowment Fund

The Rotary Club of Springfield Southeast Endowment, Inc. is the entity that complements the Rotary Club of Springfield Southeast's philanthropic activities. It is established to receive and disburse funds in support of the issues of Springfield and the surrounding community, including poverty,· children, child abuse, housing, hunger, health, hygiene, education, and safety and, in addition, Rotary's six (6) areas of focus, including peace and conflict prevention/ resolution, disease prevention and treatment, water and sanitation, maternal and child health, basic education and literacy, and economic and community development.

The Endowment Fund, in providing funding and implementation of these philanthropic activities, will directly serve young people, aged and disadvantaged persons and other groups.

Donations may be sent to the office of the Rotary Club of Springfield Southeast, 1717 E. Republic Rd., Suite A, Springfield, MO 65804.

To contact us, email: info@springfieldsoutheastrotary.org or phone: 417-886-8606

Cash gifts may be made to the Endowment to grow the funds from which the interest earned will be used for charitable giving.

 You may also participate through planned giving to the Sam and June Hamra Heritage Society.  This involves pledging to make a donation of cash or stock from your estate or asking loved ones to designate the Rotary Club of Springfield Southeast Endowment, Inc. as the recipient of memorials.  The Hamras pledged $100,000 from their estate.

Designated Funds: Donations also may be made to particular authorized projects, and the funds will be used as specified.

There are many ways to give to the Endowment
  • Cash pledges or contributions
  • Gifts by bequest
  • Gifts through life insurance
  • Gifts through charitable remainder trusts
  • Gifts through charitable gift annuities
  • Gifts through charitable lead trusts
  • Stock donations
  • Tax-free rollover of qualified plans
  • Memorial and commemorative gifts

The club established this endowment fund in 2016.  It is a a 501(c)(3) and has a separate board. 


Southeast Rotary has 40 committees doing the work of Rotary both within the club and throughout our community.

For a list of this year's committee chairs, see the Leadership page.

For a list of committee descriptions, download the Manual of Procedures.


The Spokesman is Springfield Southeast's weekly newsletter, which comes full of the weekly meeting agenda, upcoming programs and events, the sunshine report, and announcements.

An archive of past Spokesman is available on DaCdb. Once logged in, click on "Files." Then click "Club Bulletins."

Club attendance policy

In order to maintain good standing, members must maintain at least 50% attendance and cannot miss four or more meetings in a row. Members must attend at least 30% of their home Rotary club’s meetings in each six month period. Membership in the club may be terminated by a majority vote of the board if a member’s percentage of attendance is less than 50% during the first and second six months of the club’s fiscal year. Failure to comply with any of the above requirements may result in termination upon review by and approval by the board.

This is why we have a Rotary Basketball Tournament

Basketball teams from Rotary clubs in Springfield and Ozark, and other towns at times, and the Rotaract Club of Springfield have been playing each other in an annual basketball tournament for 30 years. The tournaments raise money for Special Olympics basketball teams to travel to state and regional tournaments. This video shows Special Olympics team players showing their skills on the last night of the 2017 Rotary tournament at Drury University's O'Reilly Family Events Center.
This is why we have a Rotary Basketball Tournament

2016 - 17 Volunteer of the Year, Angela Smith

2016 - 17 Volunteer of the Year, Angela Smith

The annual Rotary Volunteer Award is our Club’s highest local honor, recognizing community service rendered outside Rotary activities.  The winner for the 2016 - 17 Rotary year is Angela Smith, pictured at the left with Barbara Lucks on June 29, 2017.

Those of us who serve or seek to recruit others to serve often speak of one giving of one’s time, talent, or treasure. Most frequently, recognition is offered to those who serve by giving their treasure. Sometimes, recognition is given to those whose service takes the form of giving the precious gift of their time. And, somewhat less frequently, we hear a “Thank you” offered to one whose service represents the use of a special skill or talent.

Angela has given freely of her time, talent, and treasures.

Angela's extensive community service resume includes leadership roles in a diverse collection of organizations, including:
-- Lost and Found Grief Center
-- Home Builders Association
-- Boys and Girls Club
-- Springfield Public Schools Foundation
-- American Red Cross
-- Springfield Little Theatre
-- Ozark Empire Fair Foundation
-- and others.

Angela has also used the special talents and skills of her company's staff to benefit many organizations and causes, including:
-- American Cancer Society
-- Alzheimer’s Association
-- Ronald McDonald House charities
-- Pregnancy Care Center
-- Ozark Trails Council, Boy Scouts of America
-- Springfield Ballet
-- National Alliance of Mental Illness
-- and others.

Weaving a culture of activism and involvement throughout the recipient’s company has allowed these organizations and many others to benefit from the services and expertise they would not have otherwise been able to afford -- to the tune of approximately $360,000 in the last 16 months alone, completing 427 projects for not-for-profits during that time frame, donating more than 4,000 staff hours.


Nominations are submitted by our club members and community organizations, with the final selection being made by the Rotary Volunteer Committee. Committee members this year include:

Barbara Lucks, chair
Tom Slaight
Dan Emrie
Doug Nickell
Anne Soots
Cindy Howell
Carol DeHaven

The award has been presented since 1999.
Previous recipients are:
2016 Irwin Cohen
2015 Doug Nickell
2014 Steve Rice
2013 Gordon Elliott
2012 Kirk Elmquist
2011 Dennis Whaley
2010 Gerry Lee
2009 Rick Hughlett
2008 Gary Deaver
2007 Bob Hammerschmidt
2006 Doug Pitt
2005 Anne Brown
2004 Todd Parnell
2003 Joy Lamberson Klock
2002 Steve Scott
2001 Barbara Lucks
2000 Mac McCartney
1999 Bill Reser